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Christ Episcopal Church and San Marcos Mission, Tarrytown, New York is a diverse and inclusive community. It exudes a warm, embracing atmosphere today, just as it has throughout its 160 years in the historic Hudson River Valley Region.

Dating from 1837 and claiming a most noted vestry member in “America’s first man of letters”, Washington Irving, Christ Church continues to respond to the changing face of its community. We are learning to proclaim the Gospel in an ever changing, fast paced and multicultural world.

San Marcos has been the ministry for the past 13 years at Christ Church serving the Latino community. While spiritual guidance and worship are our main concern, the congregation is there also for personal and moral support so often needed by an emigrant community. San Marcos is a vital and growing part of our Church and welcomes all Spanish-speaking individuals and families coming to the area to join us in our ministry praising and serving God.

San Marcos es ahora el ministerio latino de Christ Church, Tarrytown, que responde a la necesidad de la comunidad Latina del pueblo. Por 13 años hemos ayudado a nuestros hermanos y hermanas latinos especialmente Suramericanos, que son los que se han establecido en Tarrytown y sus alrededores. Les proveemos apoyo moral, espiritual y personal en sus necesidades que toda comunidad emigrante presenta. San Marcos es una congregacion que esta presente para recibir a nuevas personas para fortalecer a los que ya estan activos y esperar a las futuras familias. Con la ayuda de la Parroquia, estamos preparados para este ministerio y nos sentimos bencecidos por tener la oportunidad de servir a Dios.

Whether you are visiting Christ Church or San Marcos for the first time or searching for a faith community, we extend to you a warm and enthusiastic welcome. We gather to celebrate the presence of God in all creation, hear God’s Word spoken to us through scripture and reflect on its meaning in our lives.

"Christ alive in us by faith; bringing together all who seek fellowship with God."


Christ Episcopal Church
and San Marcos Mission

43 South Broadway
Tarrytown, New York 10591


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